Change Your World Virtual Summit - October 2015

“Transitioning Through Divorce” 

October 27, 2015, 12:30 PST/2:30 CST

Divorces often get ugly and very emotional. I will teach you several steps to help you navigate through the emotional agony and physical challenges you may face as you go through the divorce process. These steps will facilitate your transition so that you can have a more smooth, calm and quicker divorce in order to help you avoid long, expensive court battles.

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Change Your World Virtual Summit – September 2015

“It’s All About You” 

If you want to change the world you need to begin with yourself. Be on a path of continual personal growth. As you make the changes you need in your own life, you will be better equipped to change the world – one person at a time – beginning with YOU.  Click on the image to register!

Change Your World Virtual Summit – July 2015

“Surviving The Fires of Life”

I use fire as a symbol of the “fires” we face in our personal lives.

Whether you have lost your home to a fire, faced divorce, mourned the death of a loved one or the choices of a rebellious child, struggled through the loss of a job, battled illness…the list is endless…. Although we most often see and feel the destruction caused by fire, fire can be a catalyst for change and new growth.  Click the image below for a recording of the event!